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Incredible response for 2024 Language Revitalization Fellowship program!

Updated: May 6

This year's Language Revitalization Fellowship Program for 7000 Languages has received an overwhelming response from passionate individuals worldwide! With over 2,100 applications pouring in for 8 spots, it's clear that the commitment to preserving Indigenous and endangered languages is stronger than ever.

This marks our third year of the Language Revitalization Fellowship program, and the growth has been remarkable. From 150 applicants in 2022 to 250 in 2023, and now over 2,100 in 2024, the enthusiasm and dedication to language revitalization are truly inspiring. 

Our Language Revitalization Fellowship program provides a unique opportunity for Indigenous and endangered language activists to make a difference in their community. Through the creation of free online language learning materials, our fellows contribute significantly to preserving and promoting their language and culture for generations to come.

Over the course of 10 weeks this summer, our fellows will come together as a cohort, learning from each other and building a supportive community. Additionally, we provide financial support to these dedicated individuals for their invaluable efforts. For a glimpse into the incredible work of last year's fellows, check out last year’s Fellowship Showcase

We extend heartfelt gratitude to our friends who helped spread the word about this opportunity, as well as to everyone who applied. We also extend a special thanks to the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians for their generous support of this program. Your enthusiasm and dedication are the driving forces behind this initiative.

The need for language revitalization support is undeniable, and we stand in awe of the countless individuals worldwide reclaiming and preserving their Indigenous and endangered languages. Their efforts are not only preserving cultural heritage, strengthening their communities, but also fostering understanding and connection worldwide.

While this year’s group is already shaping up to be exceptional, it's not too late for individuals to contribute and help us add more fellows to this year's cohort. Your support can make a real difference in the preservation of these precious languages.

Stay tuned for the announcement of this year's fellows in June and join us for the Fellowship showcase later this summer. Together, let's continue to champion language revitalization and celebrate the diversity of languages that enrich our world.

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