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The 2023 Fellowship Fundraiser.

The Fellowship Showcase was an incredible success!

We want to thank all who were in attendance today to show support for our 2023 Fellows. Each Fellow presented on their incredible accomplishments, giving us all so much hope and even more to look forward to in the future. Our talented, determined and passionate Fellows were proud to show how much they've achieved over the past 10 weeks and it gave us so much joy to be able to offer them a platform to do so.

Didn't get a chance to tune in, or want to watch it again? No worries. You can find the recording here:

We want to keep the powerful and positive momentum going by continuing our work towards growing the Fellowship for year's to come. Our Fellowship Showcase launched the brand new 2023 Fellowship Fundraiser that we are thrilled to say had already started raising money before the event had ended. The goal for the Fellowship Fundraiser is $2000.

$2000 is the total cost to support one fellow during our 10 week fellowship program. With this donation, you are ensuring that one fellow receives 10 weeks of training and compensation to help them create an entire course in their endangered language, and through them, empower a community on their language revitalization journey.

Help us continue to empower individuals to teach learn and sustain their endangered languages.

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