Vivien Fröhlich

Independent Contractor

Vivien Fröhlich is a linguistics and computational linguistics student with experience in teaching German, English, French and Spanish. She did research on the endangered creole language Palenquero in different university projects.

John Strauss

Board Member

John Strauss is a business consultant with extensive experience founding and supporting early-stage organizations, both commercial and charitable. He has more than 10 years’ experience serving as an officer or director to 501(c)(3) organizations, some of which he helped establish.

William Rivers

Board Member

William Rivers has 20 years of experience in culture and language for economic development and national security, with expertise in research, assessment, program evaluation, and policy development and advocacy. Dr. Rivers received his Ph.D. in Russian from Bryn Mawr College and his MA, BA, and BS from the University of Maryland. He speaks Russian and French.

Walter Winshall

Board Member

Walter A. Winshall is a private investor with substantial experience in business strategy and startup organizations.

Susan Bronson

Board Member

Executive Director, Yiddish Book Center.

K. David Harrison

Board Member

K. David Harrison, linguist, National Geographic Explorer, and Associate Provost for Academic Programs at Swarthmore College.

Kristin Quinlan

Board Member

CEO, Certified Languages International.

Pila Wilson

Board Member

Professor of Hawaiian Languages, Founding Member of the 'Aha Pūnana Leo (Hawaiian Immersion Preschool).

Alexa Little

Executive Director

Alexa Little is a computational linguist with 10 years of experience in endangered language activism, research, and revival. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics from Yale University, graduating cum laude and with distinction in the major.

Kelsey Riggs

Digital Marketing Manager

Kelsey Riggs studied photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, and has worked as a creative director, copywriter, and graphic designer for various brands and startups around the country. With a passion for making a difference and an extensive background in marketing, Kelsey is excited to utlize the positive platform 7000 Languages has created to help sustain endangered languages.

Kayleigh Jeanette

Project Coordinator

Kayleigh Jeannette has a MA in Applied Linguistics from Boston University. Her research there focused on language documentation and revitalization in endangered and dormant language contexts. She is also TEFL certified and enjoys teaching English to international students. Throughout her work her goal is to use linguistics to support the individuals and communities around her.