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We envision a world where all communities have the resources and opportunities to reclaim, strengthen, and revitalize their endangered languages.

We believe that Indigenous languages and the materials created for those languages belong to the community of ancestors, speakers and descendants of those languages.

Our community partners can request copies of all language data at any time, including raw data and structured data. They have the right to use this language data offline and in any software they choose. We make every effort to ensure the stability of the language courses and pledge, with our software partner Transparent Language, to support access to language materials.

Communities own any content they create. They keep the copyright for all text, recordings, images, and other content that is created. Communities have the right to a copy of this content, and have the right to use this content in other projects (including other language-learning apps).

If communities or individuals need help getting a usable copy of their language content, 7000 Languages is committed to helping them.


Empowerment & Ownership - We believe that Indigenous languages and the materials created for those languages belong to the community of ancestors, speakers, and descendants of those languages. We seek to cooperatively develop resources for each community to self-determine the future of their language.


Respect & Collaboration - We value the rights and traditions of others. We approach our relationships as guests, recognizing the leadership of our partners.


Diversity & Inclusion - We recognize the value and importance of each language for their communities. We believe every language strengthens humanity as a whole. Each and every community deserves the opportunity to teach, learn, and sustain their language.


Technology & Community Access - Communities should have access to technologies and support that assist their language journeys in ways that reflect their cultural values. We believe technology should reflect the community’s culture, practices, and ways of knowing.

work with us page.png
work with us page.png

We strive to amplify the voices of Elders and boost the efforts of community leaders. We believe that our community partners know what they need, and we want our tech to complement their ongoing work.

Technology Features

Technology Features:

  • Works on Computers & Phones

  • 40+ activity types

  • Vocabulary Activities

  • Grammar & Culture Slides

  • Conversation Practice

  • Supports Text, Audio, and Video

  • Works Offline via Audio Flashcards

  • Teacher tools: Set up virtual classes

  • Assign lessons

  • Student & classroom reports

  • ​Online assessments

work with us page.png

7000 Languages is proud to be the recipient of Transparent Language's continued generous donation of state-of-the-art technology and expert support. Their contributions make our work possible.


Other Helpful Resources:

"Check Before You Tech" by First Peoples Cultural Council

Language Sustainability Toolkit by Living Tongues & Wikitongues

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