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Shughni is a Pamir language, part of the Southeastern Iranian group within the Indo‑European language family. It is spoken in the Shughnan region in the province Badakhshan in northern Afghanistan and in eastern Tajikistan.

I am Mirza Mohammad Borhan and I was born in an educated family in Dahshar Village, Shughnan District, Badakhshan Province in Afghanistan. I graduated from Dahshar High School with excellent grades in 2008. In 2010 I started doing my BA in English Language and Literature Department at Balk University.


After I graduated successfully from the English language and Literature Department, I was appointed as an English Instructor in the English Language and Literature Department, Language and Literature Faculty at Badakhshan University in 2015.


In 2018, I started doing my MA in Teaching English as a Second Language at The English and Foreign languages University in Hyderabad, India. During my education at EFLU, I presented my presentation at the AINET International Conference under the title Endangerment of Minority Language in Badakhshan Province in 2020 in Hyderabad, India.


In addition, I published different articles in both national and international journals. My first article was published under the title of Endangerment of Shughni Language in Afghanistan. My second Article was published under the title of The Influence of Persian in Marginalization of Shughni Language in Afghanistan, I have published many other articles.


Recently, I published a booklet under the title of Comparison of X bar Theory and Wh-movement in English and Dari Languages in Afghanistan. I am very interested to work and publish booklets and articles in linguistics, language teaching and learning English as a Foreign Language in Afghanistan.


Furthermore, I am very keen to create language courses for minority languages in the Badakhshan Province of Afghanistan. I will try my best to revitalize and maintain minority languages for their speakers, regardless of who they are, what languages they speak, what cultures they have or how they look like. As a researcher I will try to do my responsibility in the areas I have a lot of enthusiasm.

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