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Meet the Interns: Mosiah Bluecloud

We are thrilled to announce our new interns for 2022/2023 and are honored to have added some amazing people to the team! We are thrilled to introduce, Mosiah Bluecloud! His experience, talent and insight are a welcome addition to the 7000 Languages organization. Read on to get to know him a little better!

Please introduce yourself:

My Name is Mosiah Bluecloud and I believe language is life!! I believe that language is the glue that holds communities together by connecting past, present, and future culture caretakers and that language provides access to identity and ways of being.

I’ve dedicated my life to language revitalization and preservation but I also like chess, pho, and my Linguistics Phd Program at the University of Arizona.

What are your pronouns?


When did you first hear about 7000 Languages?

I first heard about it from Linguist List in the spring of 22.

How has your relationship with language impacted who you are?

It has helped me realize with all my being who I am in this brief span of time and what I need to do.

What are your hopes for the future of endangered language development and revitalization?

My main true hope is to create lasting pathways to one's heritage languages.

What are you most excited about interning with 7000 Languages?

I get to finally put my curriculum and pedagogy into and online format.

Do you have any other interests or hobbies that you would like to share?

I love hiking and road trips.

Follow Mosiah on Social Media:

Ig: bluecloudkingdom

Twitter: moezoe44

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