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Indigenous Artists: Holiday Shopping List

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

We are always looking for ways to uplift and sustain Indigenous individuals and communities. Compiling a holiday shopping list felt like the perfect way to support Indigenous artists, makers, entrepreneurs and creatives this holiday season and gave us great gift-giving ideas!

Use this list as your guide, share it with your friends and family and feel free to email us to add yourself or any artists we may have missed. Happy giving!

Deanna Miller

Lorisia MacLeod

Indigenous Artist Market Collective

Lillie Hill & Jenna Go Quietly

Bobby Sanchez Music (on all streaming platforms)

Gobs of Color

Dove Little Home Art

Frida Khalifa Beads

Quiet Quail Books

Yuè Begay

Demian Dineyazhi

Weh Moyla

Broken Drum Creative

Julian Bawm

Levi Roy Creations & Jewelry

Sienna Hill

Eloy Bida

Abeita Designs

Kmu’jeweye’l Designs

Navajo Mama Shop

Mojave Creek

Northwest Native Company

Wild Rose Beadwork

Robin Waynee

Lauren Good Day


Ataumbi Metals

Curtis Oland

Afri-root Collective // Ritah Nakandi

A Thread of Hope

African Authentics

Timoteo Ccarita

Berber Art

Elizabeth James Perry

Eve and Nico

Finatur Design

Guatemaya Art and Culture Connection

Island Naturals

Mama Mochila

Mayan Hands

Roots of South Sudan

Silver Sahara

Heart Berry

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