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Exploring the Connection Between Land and Language

“HELI,SET TŦE SЌÁL ȽTE -Our languages will live on.”

SX̱EDŦELISIYE Renee J. Sampson

This was our most successful and watched event EVER! With over 300+ people registering, this further solidified our belief in the importance of preserving land and language, and how exploring what connects the two also connects us all. Our organization is more determined than ever to continue exploring how our work with language impacts the environment and land around us. If you are interested in learning more about the land you are on, please feel free to visit which is a tremendous resource for identifying Native Land, treaties and communities.

7000 Languages is honored to have partnered with Terralingua for this event and we look forward to growing our organizations’ partnership throughout this Decade of Indigenous Languages and beyond. We also are incredibly grateful to our amazing panelists Jaskwaan Amanda Bedard and SX̱EDŦELISIYE Renee J. Sampson for sharing their unique and invaluable insight on the intrinsic connection between land and language.

If you missed the event or would like to view it again, the recording is below:

Want to learn more?

Here are a few links to articles that directly relate to the event and our panelists:



If you would like to continue having access to special events like this in the future, please considering joining our membership, which will offer you exclusive access to all of the new and exciting things to come! Your membership not only enables us to continue hosting events like this but also directly supports our efforts to revitalize endangered languages and support Indigenous communities.

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