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Iñupiaq is the language of the Iñupiat, spoken from Uŋalaqłiq (Unalakleet), across Northwest and Northern Alaska all the way to Iñuuvik (Inuvik) in Northwest Territories in Canada. Iñupiaq is spoken in many varieties, with two main groupings: Seward Peninsula and Northern Alaskan Iñupiaq (Malimiut and North Slope). 


This course was created to give beginning learners an introduction to the Iñupiaq language (Uqausiq Iñupiatun). The lessons cover basic introductory vocabulary and phrases, providing a foundation for further study.


The Iñupiaq Phrases and Conversations course is the first Iñupiaq course on Doyon Languages Online. The audio was originally recorded in 2000 by Kapniaq Lorena Williams and Taġġaq Lawrence Kaplan as a CD audio course for learners of Iñupiaq. 

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Kapniaq Lorena Williams


Lawrence “Larry” Kaplan (Taġġaq)

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