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Ekpeye is the language of the Ekpeye people, who are descendants of Akalaka from the great Benin empire. The language is categorized as an Igoid language and is spoken in the south-south Geo-political zone of Nigeria.
The Ekpeye-speaking communities are domiciled in Ahoada East and part of Ahoada West in Rivers State, Nigeria. Ekpeye has a few dialectical variations amongst its clans; the map below shows the different Ekpeye clans.
This course was created to serve as a go-to learning resource of the Ekpeye language for everyone interested in learning the Ekpeye language wherever they may be around the world. The course is designed mainly for beginner and intermediate Ekpeye learners. The vocabulary-building activities, short sentences, are tailored to meet the needs of a beginner who wishes to partake in conversations around everyday activities.
The course was created by Franca Umasoye Igwe, a 7000 languages 2023 fellow, and a team of Ekpeye language experts which included Mr. Tony Vincent Ijere (Orthography), Mr. Justice Iyeumauzutam Okedike (voice over), Ms. Charity Ewauma Oli and the Speak Ekpeye Fluently language initiative.
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